Waisted Beaded Garter Goddess Set
The Goddess Tribe

Waisted Beaded Garter Goddess Set

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We Created The Waisted Beaded Garter Set with a vision to help women proportion their frame and design their shape. This beaded Garter set will sit your booty up naturally slim and tone your thighs as well as shape your waist simultaneously. This piece is super flirty, sexy, and empowering. Dare to try? If interested in adding crystals please specify. This set is made with specialty beads. Please email kissmydenim@gmail.com with details for order. Measurements, charms, colors scheme. Includes 3 Waistbeads with this set. If you would like this exact set just include in notes or email with measurements for waist, thighs, and measurement from waist to thigh. Note I need ALL 3 Measurements. 

Each set includes 3 waistbeads and 2 garters for the thigh area 

Item Overview

Handmade item

Beaded YES

 Elastic (stretch). Highly recommend elastic due to the charms and specialty beads. Also to save the longevity of them I recommend slipping off to take showers.

Includes any color seed beads. Includes 4-5 charms and other specialty beads. 

Charms available 




Lotus flower 




Mary Jane leaf 


Custom made to order

Ships worldwide from Virginia

Takes 2-3 business days to make.

In case your waist size is not listed, please contact us

To apply gently step or slip into the waist beads from your feet. To cleanse your waistbeads gently run cool water over them, also you can even pray, meditate and bless your beads with positive affirmations and mantras.


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Sending peace love and light ✌️💖✨


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